Posted by: livingsucculently | December 29, 2011

The witching hour (s)

I call it the witching hours.  Every day between 4pm-7pm, my 15 month old son goes fricking ballistic and has a holy mother mary joseph meltdown.  I cannot get ANYTHING done.  If I want to empty the dishwasher?  Forget it.  Sweep the floor a little?  Nope.  Even go pee?  No way, I have to hold his 30 pound, squirming, body while trying to pull down my pants and underwear, pee, wipe, flush, and then put on my undies and pants again, OH and don’t forget I have to try to wash my hands too.  I feel desperate and more and more wound up the longer this goes on.  I end up throwing random things towards him like he’s an approaching predator, hoping like hell he will become more interested in the whisk, bowl, box, banana, toilet paper roll, broom, etc. than me and I will have 5 flipping minutes to myself to do something.


Ok, I feel mildly better now.


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